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Race.The Artist

Carbon plated racing shoes built to unlock your maximum potential.

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The Artist Specs

  • World Athletics approved
  • 7.8oz in M9
    • It is ridiculously light
    • Lighter is better
  • Base Model Upper construction
    • Tried and true fit and feel
  • Carbon fiber plate
    • Modern classic heel-to-ball slope
    • Keeps feet fresh over long distances
    • Fortifies the late-stage gait
  • ATREYU supercritical EVA midsole
    • Bouncy, yet stable
    • Light, yet durable
  • 1mm outsole rubber
    • Tread free - like a race car
    • Functional traction, yet lightweight
  • 6mm offset
    • The natural sweet spot
  • 24mm/30mm midsole stack height
    • 30mm/35mm with the 5mm liner

Race day is the canvas.

Make art.