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The Atreyu Stories

ATREYU aspires to tell an epic story with our designs.
Our first is nicknamed the "Voyager." On August 25th 2012, the Voyager satellite became the first man made object to enter interstellar space, traveling “further than anyone, or anything, in history.” Simply put, we want you to achieve goals beyond your perceived limitations. Our mission is to empower you with honest and epic products. Some might soon classify us as a poised underdog story, but we merely see ourselves as those who have been inspired by the outliers successful of achieving greatness. In order to do this, we constructed our first model from the ground up for you to soon enjoy. Believe in yourself. Tell your story. Keep going.This image was originally sketched by Co-Founder Gabe Krajicek. 
It represents his personification of the FEAR OF REGRET: one of the many perils while fighting the Battle That Lies Within. We all encompass the potential of our dark side. We all find moments of trials and tribulation, but it is of utmost importance to persevere in spite of setbacks. The only thing we should fear is to look back on regret instead of looking back on facing our fears triumphantly. Win or lose, the goal is give it our most honest efforts, and this is often the scariest route. We see this mindset as a win/win.
Here is Gabe's original drawing: