Subscriptions: Coming Soon!

Want to sign up for an Atreyu subscription? The process will be simple!  

Step 1: Locate your product at

Step 2: Click the Subscribe button on the product page instead of the Single Purchase button.

Step 3: Choose your size, quantity, and frequency.

Step 4: Enjoy regular shipments of Atreyu running shoes based on your chosen variants.

Step 5: Manage your subscription from the login portal, located on the home page.

Why are subscriptions so special? 

Subscriptions will allow us to forecast the amount of shoes we need to order from our factory. In turn, we will be able to minimize back-stock and manage our supply chain more efficiently. And remember, we did not build a “cheaper” shoe. Instead, simply put, we found a more efficient delivery system. 

Why is the subscription price so much lower? 

The price per pair ($55) will be substantially lower than our single-pair price of $95 because we will be offering you our lowest margin wholesale price. Why? Because if you consistently re-up, we will be able to reserve purchase orders more regularly. In turn, this will give us the ability to replenish the stock we need more frequently. 

Will I be permanently locked in? 

Absolutely not! You will be able to cancel your subscription at any time via the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ button on your customer portal.

Can I log in?

Absolutely! That little silhouette of a person in the upper-right-hand corner of our website’s homepage will allow you to log in and see your purchase history. Initially, all customers, whether subscribed or not, will have the ability to create an account, view purchase history or manage their subscription.

Note: Your login will not automatically create itself by merely purchasing a subscription. Make sure to use the same email address you used at checkout when creating a login, because otherwise, your subscription and/or previous orders will not transfer over. 

Can I manage my subscription?

You sure can! In addition to having the freedom to cancel at any time, you will have the ability to perform certain tasks from your login portal. Click the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ button to view and/or edit your portal. 

From there, you will be able to: 

  • Cancel at any time. 
  • Skip a certain month at no charge. 
  • Change your colorway (if backstock permits). 
  • Change your size (if backstock permits). 
  • Change your shipping address. 
  • Change and/or update your payment information. 
  • Add to your subscription at any time. 

When logged in, I see that I can manage my membership. What does that mean? 

We will implement Memberships when we offer limited edition products to subscribers. You do not need to worry about “managing” your membership, because initially, all customers will automatically receive a membership to if and when a recurring subscription purchase is made. We will then manually input your email addresses into the membership hub. 

As you can see, your login will be your one-stop portal for managing your subscription. Get a visual step-by-step below: