Our Story

My Name is Michael...

...and I am an endurance artist who obsessively values honesty. I have committed myself to sobriety and total abstinence of mind-altering chemicals since I was 26, and this has led me down the path of obsessive self exploration. As I was going down this path, I discovered my love for endurance sports. I implemented the daily ritual of running and training as a form of supplemental meditation to contribute to my ultimate goal of a balanced and quality lifestyle that I could be proud of. I don’t run from my past but try not to repeat the mistakes from it... I run onward vowing to never be defeated by the battle that lies within.

On my way to

Atreyu Running Company

When I got into the running shoe business

So here I am.

I’m thrilled to be able to share this dream with the world

I hope you enjoy the run. I commit to giving this brand everything I have, fearing only regret in this race of our lives.