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A Recovery Routine Is Essential to your Success.

Recovery is as important (in some ways more important) than running itself. If you do not recover properly and develop a routine, it is only a matter of time before your routine is interrupted by a RRI (running related injury).

Here is our definition:

Recovery (noun): the thing that if you neglect, nothing else matters.

Note: EVERY runner will sustain a RRI, but success is achieved by consistent recovery. These methods are basic, but by no means insignificant. If overlooked, we might go searching for answers to our RRI's that we have the answers to right in front of us.

  • Start with at least 1:1/4`ratio (training to recovery routine)

Here are some of our favorite PRE-running recovery practices:

***Imagine pre-run "recovery" like this: your body is a dry noodle. You have to heat it up before you can bend it, or else it will snap. Your tendons and muscles are the same. They need to be dynamically warmed up before optimizing their performance for high impact running***

  • skipping (high legs)
  • lunges (start easy)
  • side shuffle (side skipping)
  • strides (short bursts of running primes the body)
  • resistance band movements (hip strengthening and flexion)
  • easy warm up 5-10 minutes at least (primes heart to pumping more blood)

Here are some of our favorite POST-running recovery practices:

  • easy cool down (helps with heart rate recovery)
  • foam rolling (30 passes over each muscle in lower body extremities)
  • lacrosse ball foot rolling (focus on arch)
  • stretching (AFTER warm up/workout)
  • hand held percussion devices (theragun/hypervolt/triggerpoint/etc)
  • icing (sore areas up to 15min intervals 2x per day if needed)
  • daily turmeric or diet combating inflammation (the insidious killer!)
  • rest (the ultimate secret to recovery and combatting inflammation)
  • active recovery (super slow movement days)