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Mission Statement

We honor simplicity by means of hard work knowing that complexity destroys momentum. What we practice, we become. Fearing only regret, we vow to keep going because the battle lies within.



My name is Michael and I am a grateful sober living endurance artist and I obsessively value honesty. At a very early age I was taught by my dad that "mistakes are the building blocks of wisdom." I try to honor his life by challenging myself every day to become the man I want to become by setting aggressive goals to push my limits beyond my acute perceptions.

Before creating Atreyu with my brother Gabriel, I was a purveyor of artisan hot dogs at Botsky's Premium Hotdogs in Lake Charles Louisiana, acoustic rock and roll lounge singer, graduate of Berklee College of Music, and a dedicated amateur Triathlete who enjoys Ironman distance racing. With Atreyu, I have created my dream job. It is a ultimate privilege to create running shoes for those who value what our brand stands for.



I’m Mike’s brother Gabe. I’m thrilled to be on the Atreyu team. My entire career has revolved around entrepreneurship. I think if you can do it with a commitment to leaving the world a better place than you found it – taking care of your employees, your customers, and your backers – it’s one of the most noble and rewarding jobs in the world. I know Mike has that kind of passionate commitment to see Atreyu make an impact.

Expect big things. Other than trying to give my brother advice he rarely needs, I am the CEO of Kasasa. We’re a Fintech leader and champion for community banks, credit unions, and consumers that deserve better. We are also a top large company to work for in Austin, TX for six years running. Before that, I led Dealerskins, which provided website development, hosting, and inventory enhancement services for over 1,200 car dealerships nationwide. My most important job is Dad and Husband.



I’m Joseph, a product of the Warrior Class. Before Atreyu, I spent the better part of a decade jumping out of airplanes, mountain hopping and leading elite military Teams around the world. At West Point, I learned to embrace failure and appreciate that it’s just part of the process. In crucibles like Ranger training, I discovered that the body is capable of incredible things so long as your spirit is strong. In war, I understood that a full life is not measured in years, but by the deeds you relish with the time you have on this earth.

After my time in uniform, I joined the fast-paced financial tech industry and helped run one of the top FinTechs in America. I was proud to be part of a Team whose mission was to deliver life-changing products – allowing fellow Americans to live stronger and happier lives.

Running is my daily character-building exercise. Start the day with movement- Start the day by creating momentum. As a humbled Warrior, I am grateful for the opportunity to deliver the People’s Shoe with Team Atreyu.



My name is Jake and I am an advocate of honest, unapologetic creativity and invention. I have always been, and will continue to be, a champion of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. In addition, I’m a committed runner, experimental music enthusiast, and lover of purposeful and thoughtful minimalism.

Prior to my adventures at Atreyu, I owned and operated a small-batch candle and custom furniture company with my twin brother called Eighty Seven, opened a homegoods boutique in Conifer, Colorado called Yellow Barn, and founded a digital music community called Portals.