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Our Eco Position

Atreyu will offer subscriptions to our shoes for Athletes to re-up at a higher rate than traditional buying tenancies. If you are considering the Eco-waste impact, we commend you! We have a very specific position on this. It is very important to us. Running shoes are now built to last. They're built to perform. However, Over 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced each year. Unacceptable, since a large portion of the planet doesn’t even have access to them. That's roughly 3x as many people living on this beautiful rock. Our sole mission is to TIGHTEN up the supply chain to deliberately provide an alternative to wasteful production. This is fundamentally why a subscription is special. It helps us forecast...

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Philosophy intro

Welcome to our first blog post! Without further adieu, I will attempt at typing our philosophy in its shortest form... Atreyu is guided by a mantra: The Battle Lies Within.  In short, this means that the external world is constantly trying to offer us an opportunity for craving or aversion. Why must we choose to cling to either? The answer is simple: We don't have to choose. We may choose simplicity as the key to our happiness and eminent success. Our philosophy is simple. There's one caveat: Simple doesn't always mean easy. In fact, simple sometimes means scary as hell. Atreyu will focus primarily on the athlete and the internal battle to achieve the highest of their potential. It is...

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